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Narbonne and France’s secret riviera


Narbonne: On France’s secret riviera

Head for the Med near the city of Narbonne, says Liz Boulter, and you’ll see why artists are drawn by its fishing villages, lagoons and sandy beaches – and why the French have kept it to themselves

Liz Boulter, Guardian Travel Writer (printed with permission) The Guardian, Saturday

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As of summer 2014 a new a aquatic leisure centre has opened in the adjacent village of Peyriac (about 10 mins. by car, also a pleasant bike ride through the vinyards). Les Bains de Minerve (located on the main road through Peyriac to Rieux) has a hammam (Turkish bath) and sauna as well as spacious

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Bicycle rentals

Bicycle Rentals around Caunes

1. Velocation HOMPS

tel: 06 37 07 05 00

Tarifs: 1h 5€ ½ day 15€ 1 day 25€

2. Cycles de Minervois, PEPIEUX

tel : 04 68 91 69 50

Tarifs : ½ day 10€

1 day 15€

3. Le Rivasel Restuarant, LA REDORTE

tel : 04

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Vineyard Tours

Vin en Vacances is a vineyard tour company run by Wendy Gedney an English woman with a passion for this wonderful area and its wines. Wendy is a wine teacher and during the tours not only will you have a thoroughly enjoyable day, you

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Walks around Caunes

There is a range of marked walks into the foothills of the Montagne Noir starting and ending in Caunes. They range from a short stroll up to the marble quarries (if you elect to drive up the Allées des Carrières and park) to a considerable hike up to the village of Citou and back. Plans

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Minervois Tours

Caunes in the Minervois & four local tours – click twice to enlarge

The official details of the four tours have disappeared, so we have constructed our interpretations of Tours 3 and 4, and these are given below. Tour 1, essentially a wine tour, could include almost every

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Things of interest in the Minervois

There are guide books for your use in the houses and the Tourist Information office is located in the Abbey down behind the house past the Town Hall (Mairie). On one side of the Abbey is an entrance to the office for local tourism information. The helpful staff and the many brochures available will provide

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Cathars in the Minervois

The Languedoc, as it name suggests, was not a core region of the original France. Prior to the 13th century the inhabitants of this region spoke the Language of Occitania — Occitan — the langue d’oc. As in adjacent Catalonia (the Catalan-speaking area of Spain), many road signs and town names have the local

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