Narbonne and France’s secret riviera

  Narbonne: On France’s secret riviera Head for the Med near the city of Narbonne, says Liz Boulter, and you’ll see why artists are drawn by its fishing villages, lagoons and sandy beaches – and why the French have kept it to themselves Liz Boulter, Guardian Travel Writer (printed with permission) The Guardian, Saturday 9 […]


As of summer 2014 a new a aquatic leisure centre has opened in the adjacent village of Peyriac (about 10 mins. by car, also a pleasant bike ride through the vinyards). Les Bains de Minerve (located on the main road through Peyriac to Rieux) has a hammam (Turkish bath) and sauna as well as spacious […]

Bicycle rentals

Bicycle Rentals around Caunes 1. Velocation HOMPS tel: 06 37 07 05 00 Tarifs: 1h 5€
½ day 15€
1 day 25€ 2. Cycles de Minervois, PEPIEUX tel : 04 68 91 69 50 Tarifs : ½ day 10€ 1 day 15€ 3. Le Rivasel Restuarant, LA REDORTE tel : 04 68 32 35 90 Tarifs : 1 hour 5€
½ day […]

Vineyard Tours

Vin en Vacances is a vineyard tour company run by Wendy Gedney an English woman with a passion for this wonderful area and its wines. Wendy is a wine teacher and during the tours not only will you have a thoroughly enjoyable day, you will also learn a great deal about wine and tasting. Her […]

Walks around Caunes

There is a range of marked walks into the foothills of the Montagne Noir starting and ending in Caunes. They range from a short stroll up to the marble quarries (if you elect to drive up the Allées des Carrières and park) to a considerable hike up to the village of Citou and back. Plans […]

Minervois Tours

The official details of the four tours have disappeared, so we have constructed our interpretations of Tours 3 and 4, and these are given below. Tour 1, essentially a wine tour, could include almost every village in the Minervois because Caves and Chateaux are thick on the ground throughout this region. Tour 2 was designed, […]

Cathars in the Minervois

The Languedoc, as it name suggests, was not a core region of the original France. Prior to the 13th century the inhabitants of this region spoke the Language of Occitania — Occitan — the langue d’oc. As in adjacent Catalonia (the Catalan-speaking area of Spain), many road signs and town names have the local version […]