from Beziers

From Beziers, Cap d’Agde Airport to Caunes — 1 hr 20mins

Airport, Beziers to Caunes Minervois

On leaving the airport turn right onto the main road (N 112) heading for Beziers. Follow signs for Beziers and ultimately the blue motorway signs for A9.  After taking a ticket enter the A9 motorway (at interchange number 35) taking the direction Narbonne, NOT Montpellier. leave at next exit (number 36) after paying toll (about €1), take first exit from roundabout and head for Beziers centre, Capestang, Montady on the D64.

After 4.3 Kms, at the second major interchange exit on the slip road for Montady and Capestang on the D 11. Follow this road for about 36 Km — a good minor road through villages and the vineyards of the Minervois.  After passing through the village of Pouzols, take the right fork on the D 52 to Olonzac.  This substantial village is the only point on the route that is not more or less straight on.  In Olonzac follow signs for Pepieux and Caunes-Minervois. After Olonzac drive through Pepieux following signs for Caunes.  On reaching Trausse bear left to skirt the village as signs to Caunes indicate, although driving through is an alternative.

This road takes you directly into Caunes on the Avenue du Minervois. Please refer to the detailed street map of Caunes to locate Maison du Midi and Maison St. Gérome.

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