from Carcassonne

Carcassonne Salvaza airport to Caunes Minervois by car

Journey time approx. 20min. Click here to download a printable PDF file of these driving instructions

  • The exit of the rental car park is immediately on a roundabout – take the 3rd exit (left) back along past the airport.
  • Follow the green signs to Toulouse.
  • You will soon go through a series of roundabouts and each time follow the Mazamet signs.
  • Round about 1 – take the 3rd exit to Mazamet Follow signs for Mazamet NOT Foix / Carcassonne.
  • Roundabout 2 – (here you will notice a shop called Fenetre Tryba on your right) take 2nd exit to Mazamet. Continue on this road and you will soon see a Toyota garage on your right, and then the next roundabout…
  • Roundabout 3 – go straight over, 2nd Exit toward Mazamet. You will soon pass a large building on your left with a red neon sign saying Cap Cinema.
  • Roundabout 4 – take 3rd exit to Mazamet

    Carcassonne Salvaza to Caunes Minervois by car
    Carcassonee Salvaza airport to Caunes Minervois by car (Click image for larger version)
  • Roundabout 5 – take 2nd exit towards Mazamet after about 500m there is the 6th Roundabout.
  • Roundabout 6 – take 1st Exit to CAUNES Mvois. DO NOT FOLLOW THE SIGN TO MAZAMET which is the 3rd exit.
  • Caunes is 16k from this point. Continue along this road – at each junction continue in the road you are on, and follow the signs to Caunes Mvois. On the way you will pass through the towns of Villalier and Villegly.
  • After approx 13k you will notice a roadside building on your left with a sign saying Discothèque Tuiliere. Approximately 800m after this building Caunes Minervois is signposted as a left turn. At this junction take left to Caunes Mvois.
  • After you enter the village you start going down a hill. The main road continues round to the left, over a bridge and immediately after this the La Grande Fontaine Bar is on your right. This road is Avenue du Minervois.
  • Please refer to the detailed street map of Caunes to locate Maison du Midi and Maison St. Gérome.

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