Bicycle rentals

Bicycle Rentals around Caunes 1. Velocation HOMPS tel: 06 37 07 05 00 Tarifs: 1h 5€
½ day 15€
1 day 25€ 2. Cycles de Minervois, PEPIEUX tel : 04 68 91 69 50 Tarifs : ½ day 10€ 1 day 15€ 3. Le Rivasel Restuarant, LA REDORTE tel : 04 68 32 35 90 Tarifs : 1 hour 5€
½ day […]

Vineyard Tours

Vin en Vacances is a vineyard tour company run by Wendy Gedney an English woman with a passion for this wonderful area and its wines. Wendy is a wine teacher and during the tours not only will you have a thoroughly enjoyable day, you will also learn a great deal about wine and tasting. Her […]

Relevant Reading

If you are lucky as well as small-child free, holidays are a chance to read (among other things). And if your penchant is for reading books that relate to the location in which you find yourself with uncustomary free time, then this is where you can get a head start into potential tomes that will […]

Romans in the Minervois

Following the Greeks who established the trading town of Massilia (Marseilles) in about 600 BC, Southern France was subjected to classical influences for many centuries.  Gaul (i.e. France) as a whole consisted of three regions: the lands of the Belgae in the north and east of the rivers Marne and Seine; the Aquitani south and […]

Walks around Caunes

There is a range of marked walks into the foothills of the Montagne Noir starting and ending in Caunes. They range from a short stroll up to the marble quarries (if you elect to drive up the Allées des Carrières and park) to a considerable hike up to the village of Citou and back. Plans […]

Minervois Tours

The official details of the four tours have disappeared, so we have constructed our interpretations of Tours 3 and 4, and these are given below. Tour 1, essentially a wine tour, could include almost every village in the Minervois because Caves and Chateaux are thick on the ground throughout this region. Tour 2 was designed, […]

Wine guide to the Minervois, and the Languedoc

The Sud de France/Languedoc-Roussillon area is the world’s largest single wine-producing region, representing a third of the volume of France’s wine production. Its production, about two billion bottles a year, exceeds that of South Africa and Chile combined. Historically, Languedoc was the sleeping giant of the wine world. Previously known for producing large amounts of […]

Cathars in the Minervois

The Languedoc, as it name suggests, was not a core region of the original France. Prior to the 13th century the inhabitants of this region spoke the Language of Occitania — Occitan — the langue d’oc. As in adjacent Catalonia (the Catalan-speaking area of Spain), many road signs and town names have the local version […]